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Unique competence in solar energy

Jarotech adapts to different projects and has unique competence in energy solutions where we can incorporate solar energy with traditional energy sources. We have a good network with fixed subcontractors, and together with these, we ensure a good construction of your next solar energy plant.

It is becoming more and more common to have battery systems for storage/equalization of electricity from solar cells. We can offer battery packs to existing or new solar cell systems.

In addition to solar cells and battery solutions, we also deliver solar collectors that utilize the sun’s rays to heat water for waterborne heat or tap water. This is a solution that converts the sun’s rays directly into heat instead of going the detour via electricity. This avoids significant energy losses if you are going to use solar energy for heating.

With our experience from waterborne systems, we can offer you solutions where we can incorporate solar energy and traditional energy sources in an efficient way.

Do you need an efficient and sustainable solar energy solution?

Let us at Jarotech AS help you. We are very adaptable and tailor our solutions to your needs. Our solar energy solutions are based on quality products from European manufacturers and can be adapted to tough Nordic conditions.

The solar cells we deliver are quality products from European manufacturers. Among other things, we deliver the Power Alpine Module series from Sonnenkraft for areas with high snow loading and tough conditions.

If you have the solutions yourself and only want the products, we are more than willing to offer you equipment from our suppliers Sonnenkraft and Sunerg Solar Energy. Contact us and we will give you a good offer on the equipment you need.

Our core values

Product development

We keep ourselves updated on all development in the industry, so that you always get the best and newest solutions.


We deliver quality products from solid, European manufacturers at competitive prices. Jarotech AS is certified according to ISO 9001:2015

Delivery ability

We are committed to customer satisfaction and always do our utmost to ensure that you get your products at the agreed time and price.

Your professional energy partner

As a product supplier, we are also a competence supplier who assists with advice and guidance to find the right products for your needs. This ensures that you get a reliable and well-functioning system that lasts for years. In collaboration with you, our suppliers and subcontractors, we find together the equipment or solution that suits your company best.

Do you have questions about the use of solar energy as a heat source?

Contact us and let our skilled professionals help you.

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