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We have long experience in heating and combustion technology and help you find the right products for your plant. We collaborate with many manufacturers and are helpful in obtaining components and spare parts from the largest suppliers in energy, heat and combustion technology. Feel free to contact us for a non-binding offer.


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Elco Burners

  • Gas burners up to 80 MW, Low-NOx, natural gas, propane, butane, hydrogen.

  • Oil and bio-oil burners, special oils, up to 50 MW.

  • Combined burners combined oil/gas - separately or simultaneously.


  • Control units for burners, FMS, Etamatic, CMS, multifuel.

  • Combustion optimization O2, CO, NOx.

  • Flame monitoring UV, IR, Ex, Combo UV/IR/flame frequency.

  • Ignition systems High voltage spark, ignition transformer, ignition burners.

  • Sensors O2, CO, NO, NO2, NOx.


  • Pressure regulators for all types of gases.

  • Gas filter, DN20 - DN300, PN 4 - PN16.

  • Safety shutdown (SSV).

  • Safety blow-off valves (SBV).

Gas pressure regulator for hydrogen up to 16 bar

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  • Measuring equipment within combustion and energy production.

  • Flue gas meters O2, CO, NO, NO2, NOx, SO2, Chemiluminescence.

  • Gas detectors, propane, butan, natural gas, special gases.

  • Leakage controllers, sniffer for leakage control.

Jarotech fire and rescue training equipment

  • Central smoke system for even smoke distribution

  • All PLC and remote controlled

  • Direct or indirect propane heating of the training building

  • Movable propane fired training objects


  • Solar collectors for hot water, combined with solar cells.

  • Solar cells.


  • Solar collectors for hot water, combined with solar cells.

  • Solar cells.

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