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Jarotech follows up on the UN’s sustainability goals

UN sustainability goals

Jarotech values the UN’s sustainability goals and our vision is to actively participate in achieving these goals on time.

Clean energy for all

Since our inception in 1984, we have worked for the best possible utilization of energy. Today we work for the greatest possible use of sustainable energy with the least possible impact on the external environment.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Jarotech invests large resources for industrial utilization of new climate-neutral fuels. Hydrogen, biofuels, syngas and electro-fuel, almost without CO2 emissions.

Are you looking for groundbreaking energy solutions without CO2 or NOx emissions?

Then we at Jarotech AS can help. We are a leading engineering company that blends years of expertise with future-oriented energy solutions. We have several decades of experience with heating and combustion solutions for industry and district heating. We design and deliver complete solutions for all types of process heat or energy centers.

Jarotech is strongly committed to the development of new climate-neutral and CO2-free combustion solutions based on green hydrogen, syngas and electrofuel.

We believe green Hydrogen will contribute greatly to reducing the climate impact from process industry where combustion of gas is the only realistic solution. Blue Hydrogen (with Carbon Capture and Storage) can also be a good alternative until we have enough green electric power - water, wind, sun or nuclear power.

An environmentally conscious actor

We are concerned about the environment and sustainability, and explore the energy potential of the future by producing environmentally friendly energy solutions.


The energy behind Jarotech AS

Oxy-fuel, Electro-fuel, gray, blue or green Hydrogen, Bio-Methane, LPG, LNG, LBG, NG, CO, Syngas, or any other gas. What do the different designations mean and how can the gases be used optimally and climate-friendly? After nearly 40 years of experience in the industry, we at Jarotech AS have valuable knowledge in combustion solutions for industry and district heating. Our experienced engineers, technicians and logistics workers have high competence to find the best energy solutions for you and your business.

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Are you looking for a greener energy solution?

Contact us at Jarotech AS. We can help you with everything in heating and combustion technology, solar energy and or other energy solutions.

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