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Passion for many years

Jarotech AS was founded by Jan Roang in 1984, a company that delivered solutions in the combustion technology of the time for industry and district heating based on heavy oil. Since then, we have built up solid knowledge in the field of combustion technology - from traditional burners and heating systems to advanced boiler and combustion chamber solutions with combustion of liquid and gaseous fuels. Our goal is the best possible efficiency with the least possible emissions. Today, it is Hydrogen, Oxy-Fuel, biogas, bio-oil, CO/H2 exhaust gases, pyrolysis and syngases we work most with.

A certified engineering company

Central approval
ISO 9001
 Achilles Utilities
Gaselle 2021

Environmentally friendly focus on solar energy

After 40 years in the industry, we have knowledge and experience that is valuable to our customers. We have chosen to take this competence further into a focus on solar energy, where we deliver solar collector and solar cell systems.

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