Environmentally friendly heating and combustion technology

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Green energy for a sustainable society

With an ever-increasing focus on environmental protection and sustainability, it is important to have knowledge of how to optimize energy consumption and find new environmentally friendly energy solutions in our society. This field is important for a range of industrial and commercial processes, from industrial burners for steam and process heat to heating of buildings.

Jarotech is strongly committed to the development of new climate-neutral and CO2-free combustion solutions based on green hydrogen, syngas and electrofuel. The latter is synthetically produced methanol, diesel or jet fuel from green hydrogen with reuse of CO2 from waste or forest combustion (CCU).

Both in Norway, Sweden and the rest of Europe (and the world in general) there are hundreds of factories under construction and planning with a capacity of several million tons of electrofuel.

Energy technology

We design technologies for the production, transmission and use of energy. This includes renewable energy sources such as sun and green hydrogen, as well as more traditional energy sources such as natural gas, propane, butane, methane, biogas and bio-oil.

Combustion technology

Combustion technology is the core of our business. We continuously work to find out how the fuel ignites and burns, and how this process can be controlled or optimized. We design combustion chambers with optimal combustion chamber load, taking into account complete combustion with minimal emissions of unburned components or NOx.

Industrial burners

Industrial burners produce heat by burning gas, oil or other combustible substances, and are made for high efficiency and reliability. Jarotech represents some of the most recognized manufacturers in Europe and the USA. We modify and further develop burners to customer-specific needs. Syngas/Pyrolysis, Hydrogen, CO- furnace gas, biogas are examples from our deliveries.

Process heat

Process heat has a long history in Jarotech’s business. Heat that is generated and used directly in industrial processes to melt metals, dry products, or to create chemical reactions. Efficient Oxy-Fuel burners for both liquid and gaseous fuel can significantly increase production efficiency. Oxygen can become more available in connection with local production of green hydrogen with electrolysis.

Steam and heating plants

We design, deliver and operate steam and heating plants that produce and distribute energy for these purposes.

Our control systems are used on boiler plants from the smallest hot water boilers to industrial plants of up to 120 MW.

Flue gas analysis

Flue gas analysis involves studying the gases released during combustion. We investigate combustion efficiency and measure all components in the flue gas such as CO, CO2, O2, NO, NO2, NOx. Jarotech has experience from its own production of flue gas analysis equipment and represents leading suppliers in Germany and the USA. We also carry out environmental measurements in accordance with chapter 27-1 of the Pollution Regulations for gas plants with supplied thermal effect 1 - 50 MW.

Gas and oil systems

We look at the infrastructure and technology of oil and gas combustion. This includes everything from material selection, dimensioning, heat cable, insulation, pipe route etc.

Oil type or gas type, temperature, pressure, and how the fuel can affect the metal structure over time must be taken into account. Necessary safety valves, gas detectors, leak detectors etc. must be considered in relation to relevant regulations.

Automation, energy management and environmental awareness

Jarotech AS has long experience in heating and combustion technology. With our automation and energy controls, we use the most modern technology to optimize energy use in various systems. PLS, safety PLS, or with FMS (Firing Management System) we can control multi-fuel burners with several fuels simultaneously. With the help of advanced flame guards, gas sensors and control systems, we ensure efficient energy use and reduced emissions of harmful substances. Our control systems meet the strictest regulatory requirements according to PED, CE, TÜV, SIL-3, DVGW, Ex, ATEX, UL and more as needed. We are also certified according to ISO 9001:2015

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to heating or power production?

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