Statkraft Varme AS Trondheim

Statkraft Varme AS (formerly Trondheim Elektrisitetsverk) has been a customer of Jarotech since its inception in 1984.

Jarotech AS has delivered burners and boilers to Statkraft Varme since 1985 (formerly Trondheim Elektrisitetsverk). The first 5 units of 10 MW heavy oil-fired burners at Heimdal and St. Olavs Hospital heating central. Later both light oil, propane, butane, natural gas burners to its many district heating networks in Trondheim and elsewhere in Norway.

We also operate service and maintenance on all these facilities, including annual service and support for the entire district heating network in Trondheim. This involves 12 sth burners in the district heating network including 6 support burners on 3 waste incineration lines.