Oslo Fire & Rescue Service

Jarotech AS delivered remote-controlled training objects for smoke diver training to Lahaugmoen

Jarotech AS delivered training objects to Oslo Fire and Rescue Service, Lahaugmoen for the modernization of their practice house for smoke divers. Previously, this was fired with pallets and wood to create smoke and heat. But as this resulted in great wear and tear on smoke diving equipment in the form of washing and maintenance, in addition to the local pollution this firing contributed to, they wanted a new environmentally friendly system.

Jarotech AS has for many years delivered special solutions within combustion technology, so we took the challenge to create a new system.

The following was designed and delivered by Jarotech AS:

  • A 1000 kilowatt propane burner was installed to raise the temperature in the house.
  • 6 propane-fired fire objects were designed that can be moved around at 8 stations around the house.
  • Remote ignition from the instructor. A central PLC control of all fire objects was made, with remote control, all designed and programmed by Jarotech.