GE Healthcare, Lindesnes - a customer from the start of Jarotech and we still have new assignments.

GE Healthcare Lindesnes factories is one of our customers who have been with us since the start of Jarotech AS.

Together, we have delivered 11 special burners, combustion chambers, steam boilers, chimneys, feed water tanks, economizers, silencers, and various control cabinets based on FMS and PLC systems. Burners for light oil, isopropanol/water, methanol, methane, 2-methoxyethanol, etc., for several fuels simultaneously and/or prioritized fuel. Material executions with a lot of acid-resistant 316L, 310, Avesta 253MA, and titanium grade 2.

GE Healthcare Lindesnes factories were previously known as Nycomed and Amersham before it became part of the GE group in 2004. GE Healthcare AS consists of the units in Oslo and at Lindesnes and has about 840 employees in research, development, production, service, marketing, and sales.

We delivered the first special burner to a 5 t/h steam boiler in 1982. It was specially made to be able to burn a mixture of isopropanol and water, alternatively light oil. Since then, Jarotech AS has delivered 10 special burners, 4 high-pressure steam boilers, 6 – 12 t/h, 2 combustion chambers, 2 titanium pressure evaporators, 30 m3 feed water tank, 3 economizers, 1 air preheater, chimneys, silencers, combustion air fans, and control cabinets, all equipped with PLC and Lamtec electronic control. Fuels range from light oil to isopropanol, water, methanol, 2-methoxyethanol, biogas, etc.